Army Abbreviations

Initial Full Other info
AA & QMG assistant adjutant and quartermaster general Division staff
AB Army Book  
ACC Army Cyclist Corps  
ADC Aide de camp generals personal staff
Adj adjutant Battalion
ADMS Assistant Director of Medical services Division medical officer
ADS Advanced Dressing Station 2nd link in medical evacuation chain
AF Army Form  
AG Adjutant general  
AIF Australian Imperial Force  
ANZAC Australian and New Zealand Army Corps  
AO Army Order  
AOC Army Ordnance Corps  
AP Armour Piercing Ammunition
APC Army Pay Corps  
APM Assistant provost Marshal Military Police
APO Army Post Office  
Archie Anti-Aircraft Gun or gunfire slang
ASC Army Service Corps Transport
AT Army Troops  
AVC Army Veterinary Corps  
BAC Brigade Ammunition Column  
BC Battery Commander Artillery
BEF British Expeditionary Force Western front
BGGS Brigadier general, general staff Chief of staff of a corps
Blighty Home, Britain from Hindu word for Foreign country
BM Brigade major  
BQMS battery quartermaster sergeant Artillery
BRCS British Red Cross Society  
BSM battery sergeant major WO2 in Artillery
Bullring training area at the base Etaples in particular
Canary Training NCO at the base They wore yellow armbands
CB Companion of the order of the Bath award
  Confined to barracks  
  counter battery Artillery
CCS Casualty clearing Station 3rd link in evacuation chain
CEF Canadian Expeditionary Force  
CGS Chief of the general staff Chief of staff - BEF
CIGS Chief of the Imperial general staff head of British Army
CLC Chinese Labour Corps  
CMG Companion of the order of St Michael and St George award
C in C Commander in Chief Field Marshall French and then Haig
CO commanding officer Battalions and equivalents
Cpl Corporal Army Rank
CQMS company quartermaster sergeant senior NCO - admin at company
CRA Commander Royal Artillery Division
CRE Commander Royal Engineers Division
CSM company sergeant major WO2
CT Communication Trench  
DAA deputy assistant adjutant Staff officer
QMG quartermaster general Staff officer
DADMS deputy assistant director of medical services Staff officer
DADOS deputy assistant director of Ordnance Services Senior Ordnance officer in Division
DAP Divisional Ammunition Park  
DAQMG deputy assistant quartermaster Staff officer
DCM Distinguished Conduct Medal other ranks
DFC Distinguished Flying Cross  
DR Dispatch Rider  
DSC Distinguished Service Cross Naval Medal
DSM Distinguished Service Medal Naval Medal
DSO Distinguished Service Order Officers
EEF Egyptian Expeditionary Force  
FGCM Field General Court Martial  
Flying Pig Type of Mortar bomb  
FOO forward observation officer  
FP Field Punishment  
FPO Field Post Office Royal Engineers
FSC Field Survey Company Royal Engineers
GHQ general headquarters H.Q. of BEF
GOC general officer commanding brigade,division,corps or army
GRU Graves Registration Unit  
GS General Service as in GS Wagon
GSO general staff officer  
HS Home Service  
IO Intelligence Officer  
IWGC Imperial War Graves Commission later CWGC
Jack Johnson German heavy shell also Coal Box
KCB Knight Commander of the Order of the Bath award
L of C Lines of Communication  
MB Medical Board  
MC Military Cross Medal -officers
MEF Mediterranean Expeditionary Force  
MG machine gun  
MGC Machine Gun Corps  
Minnie Minenwerfer German trench mortar
MM Military Medal medal - other ranks
MiD Mentioned in Dispatches oak leaf on medal
MO Medical officer  
MT Motorised Transport  
NCC Non-Combatant Corps  
NCO non-commissioned officer  
OC officer commanding companies or platoons
OR other ranks - private soldiers and NCOs as distinct from officers
OTC Officer Training Corps  
PBI Poor Bloody Infantry  
PM Provost Marshall Military Police
PoW Prisoner of War  
PPCLI Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry  
Pte Private Army rank
QM quartermaster  battalion
QMG quartermaster general  
RAMC Royal Army Medical Corps  
RAP Regimental aid post first link in evac chain
RE Royal Engineers Sappers
register adjust artillery fire onto a target Artillery
RFA Royal Field Artillery Artillery
RFC Royal Flying Corps RAF 1918
RGA Royal Garrison Artillery Artillery
RHA Royal Horse Artillery Artillery
RMLI Royal Marine Light Infantry  
RMO Regimental medical officer MO - medic
RQMS regimental quartermaster sergeant  
RSM Regimental sergeant major WO1
RTO railway transport officer  
SAA Small Arms ammunition rifle, machine gun
SB stretcher-bearer  
Sgt Sergeant rank
SIW self-inflicted wound  
SOS save our souls; artillery
SP Strong Point  
stand to period at dawn and dusk- battle positions  
TC Tank Corps  
TM Trench mortar  
TMB Trench Mortar battery  
Toffee Apple Type of trench mortar bomb  
VAD Voluntary Aid Detachment  
VC Victoria Cross highest award - for valour
WO Warrant officer class 1 or 2
Other Possibles you may come across  
German Jerry, Fritz, The hun or Boche  
French soldier - poilu french other ranks
British Tommy or tommy Atkins used at home but rarely by the men
Wipers Ypres in Belgian flanders  
Vin Blanc plonk  
rest camp cemetery  
Gone west killed  
Body snatcher  stretcher bearer  
bombproof safe job behind the lines  
bumf bum fodder - paperwork from H.Q. slang for red tape
  Just a taste but hopefully the above will help  
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