Army Abbreviations

InitialFullOther info
AA & QMGassistant adjutant and quartermaster generalDivision staff
ABArmy Book 
ACCArmy Cyclist Corps 
ADCAide de campgenerals personal staff
ADMSAssistant Director of Medical servicesDivision medical officer
ADSAdvanced Dressing Station2nd link in medical evacuation chain
AFArmy Form 
AGAdjutant general 
AIFAustralian Imperial Force 
ANZACAustralian and New Zealand Army Corps 
AOArmy Order 
AOCArmy Ordnance Corps 
APArmour PiercingAmmunition
APCArmy Pay Corps 
APMAssistant provost MarshalMilitary Police
APOArmy Post Office 
ArchieAnti-Aircraft Gun or gunfireslang
ASCArmy Service CorpsTransport
ATArmy Troops 
AVCArmy Veterinary Corps 
BACBrigade Ammunition Column 
BCBattery CommanderArtillery
BEFBritish Expeditionary ForceWestern front
BGGSBrigadier general, general staffChief of staff of a corps
BlightyHome, Britainfrom Hindu word for Foreign country
BMBrigade major 
BQMSbattery quartermaster sergeantArtillery
BRCSBritish Red Cross Society 
BSMbattery sergeant majorWO2 in Artillery
Bullringtraining area at the baseEtaples in particular
CanaryTraining NCO at the baseThey wore yellow armbands
CBCompanion of the order of the Bathaward
 Confined to barracks 
 counter batteryArtillery
CCSCasualty clearing Station3rd link in evacuation chain
CEFCanadian Expeditionary Force 
CGSChief of the general staffChief of staff – BEF
CIGSChief of the Imperial general staffhead of British Army
CLCChinese Labour Corps 
CMGCompanion of the order of St Michael and St Georgeaward
C in CCommander in ChiefField Marshall French and then Haig
COcommanding officerBattalions and equivalents
CplCorporalArmy Rank
CQMScompany quartermaster sergeantsenior NCO – admin at company
CRACommander Royal ArtilleryDivision
CRECommander Royal EngineersDivision
CSMcompany sergeant majorWO2
CTCommunication Trench 
DAAdeputy assistant adjutantStaff officer
QMGquartermaster generalStaff officer
DADMSdeputy assistant director of medical servicesStaff officer
DADOSdeputy assistant director of Ordnance ServicesSenior Ordnance officer in Division
DAPDivisional Ammunition Park 
DAQMGdeputy assistant quartermasterStaff officer
DCMDistinguished Conduct Medalother ranks
DFCDistinguished Flying Cross 
DRDispatch Rider 
DSCDistinguished Service CrossNaval Medal
DSMDistinguished Service MedalNaval Medal
DSODistinguished Service OrderOfficers
EEFEgyptian Expeditionary Force 
FGCMField General Court Martial 
Flying PigType of Mortar bomb 
FOOforward observation officer 
FPField Punishment 
FPOField Post OfficeRoyal Engineers
FSCField Survey CompanyRoyal Engineers
GHQgeneral headquartersH.Q. of BEF
GOCgeneral officer commandingbrigade,division,corps or army
GRUGraves Registration Unit 
GSGeneral Serviceas in GS Wagon
GSOgeneral staff officer 
HSHome Service 
IOIntelligence Officer 
IWGCImperial War Graves Commissionlater CWGC
Jack JohnsonGerman heavy shellalso Coal Box
KCBKnight Commander of the Order of the Bathaward
L of CLines of Communication 
MBMedical Board 
MCMilitary CrossMedal -officers
MEFMediterranean Expeditionary Force 
MGmachine gun 
MGCMachine Gun Corps 
MinnieMinenwerferGerman trench mortar
MMMilitary Medalmedal – other ranks
MiDMentioned in Dispatchesoak leaf on medal
MOMedical officer 
MTMotorised Transport 
NCCNon-Combatant Corps 
NCOnon-commissioned officer 
OCofficer commandingcompanies or platoons
ORother ranks – private soldiers and NCOsas distinct from officers
OTCOfficer Training Corps 
PBIPoor Bloody Infantry 
PMProvost MarshallMilitary Police
PoWPrisoner of War 
PPCLIPrincess Patricia’s Canadian Light Infantry 
PtePrivateArmy rank
QMquartermaster battalion
QMGquartermaster general 
RAMCRoyal Army Medical Corps 
RAPRegimental aid postfirst link in evac chain
RERoyal EngineersSappers
registeradjust artillery fire onto a targetArtillery
RFARoyal Field ArtilleryArtillery
RFCRoyal Flying CorpsRAF 1918
RGARoyal Garrison ArtilleryArtillery
RHARoyal Horse ArtilleryArtillery
RMLIRoyal Marine Light Infantry 
RMORegimental medical officerMO – medic
RQMSregimental quartermaster sergeant 
RSMRegimental sergeant majorWO1
RTOrailway transport officer 
SAASmall Arms ammunitionrifle, machine gun
SIWself-inflicted wound 
SOSsave our souls;artillery
SPStrong Point 
stand toperiod at dawn and dusk- battle positions 
TCTank Corps 
TMTrench mortar 
TMBTrench Mortar battery 
Toffee AppleType of trench mortar bomb 
VADVoluntary Aid Detachment 
VCVictoria Crosshighest award – for valour
WOWarrant officerclass 1 or 2
OtherPossibles you may come across 
GermanJerry, Fritz, The hun or Boche 
Frenchsoldier – poilufrench other ranks
BritishTommy or tommy Atkinsused at home but rarely by the men
WipersYpres in Belgian flanders 
Vin Blancplonk 
rest campcemetery 
Gone westkilled 
Body snatcher stretcher bearer 
bombproofsafe job behind the lines 
bumfbum fodder – paperwork from H.Q.slang for red tape

The above are just a taste of abbreviations used, but hopefully they will help. Others would be gratefully received.