Bedford House

This cemetery is surrounded by moats. It is only 2.5 kilometres via the Lille Gate to the centre of Ypres. The cemetery was originally made up of five enclosures.

Graves from No. 1 were moved to White House Cemetery, St. Jan.

Graves from No. 5 were moved to Aeroplane Cemetery, Ypres.

No. 2 was started in December 1915 and used until October 1918.

No. 3 was used from February 1915 to December 1916.

No. 4 was used from June 1916 to February 1918.

In the 1930s, No. 6 was created to bring together graves that were still found on the battlefield. This enclosure also contains the graves of men who fell in WW2.

5139 Commonwealth servicemen are buried or commemorated in the cemetery. 3011 are unidentified.

4422 United Kingdom

390 Canadian

249 Australian

36 New Zealanders

21 South African

21 Indian

1 Russian Labour Corps – Pte H. Reidler, killed 17th July 1919.

There is a WW2 plot, which contains 69 graves.