Bridge House Cemetery

This cemetery is named after a nearby farmhouse. There are 41 known burials and 4 unidentified burials. It was made by the 59th (North Midland) Division.

Burials include the following men, shown in the photographs below.

W. Baker, Royal Irish Fusiliers

B. Townley, North Staffordshire Regt.

Albert Eaton, 2.7th Notts and Derby Regiment.
(the 2/5th, 26/th, 2/7th and 2/8th Battalions, Sherwood Foresters (Notts and Derby Regiment) – 176th Brigade, 59th Division)

R. S. Wade, Lincolnshire Regt.

E. G. Harvey, RAMC

C. A. Smart, RAMC

J. E Norris, RAMC

F. Ellis, North Staffords

J. G. Roe, Notts and Derby

F. H. Shipley, North Staffords

Sidney Arthur Wright, Lincolnshire Regiment