1st Ypres, Order of Battle




(British Expeditionary Force)

Commander-in-Chief: Gen. Sir John French

I Corps - Lt.Gen. Sir Douglas Haig

Made up of 1st and 2nd Divisions.

1st Division - Maj.Gen. S Lomax

1st (Guards) Brigade- 

1st Coldstream Guards.     1st Scots Guards.     1st Black Watch.     1st Camerons.     London Scottish.

2nd Brigade-

2nd Royal Sussex.     1st Loyal North Lancs.     1st Northern.     2nd King's Royal Rifle Corps.

3rd Brigade-

1st Queen's.     1st South Wales Borderers.     1st Gloster.     2nd Welch.

Mounted Troops -

'A' Squadron. 15th Hussars.     1st Cyclist Company.

Artillery - Royal Field Artillery.

XXV Brigade,     XXVI Brigade.     XXXIX Brigade.     XLIII (Howitzer) Brigade.

26th Heavy Battery.

Royal Engineers -

23rd and 26th Field Companies, RE.


2nd Division - Maj.Gen. C Munro.

4th (Guards) Brigade-

2nd Grenadier Guards.     2nd & 3rd Coldstream Guards.     1st Irish Guards.     1st Hertfordshire.

5th Brigade -

2nd Worcestershire Regiment.     2nd Oxs & Bucks Light Infantry.     2nd Highland LI.     2nd Connaught Rangers.

6th Brigade -

1st King's     2nd South Stafford.     1st Royal Berkshire.     1st King's Royal Rifle Corps.

Mounted Troops -

B Squadron. 15th Hussars.     2nd Cyclist Company.

Artillery - Royal Field Artillery.

XXXIV Brigade.     XXXVI Brigade.     XLI Brigade.     XLIV (Howitzer) Brigade.

35th Heavy Battery.

Royal Engineers -

5th and 11th Field Companies.


II Corps - Gen. Sir H, Smith-Dorrien.

Made up of 3rd and 5th Divisions.

3rd Division - Maj.Gen, H. Hamilton.

7th Brigade -

3rd Worcestershire.     2nd South Lancashire.     1st Wiltshire.     2nd Royal Irish Rifles.

8th Brigade -

2nd Royal Scots.     2nd Royal Irish.     4th Middlesex.     1st Devonshire.     1st Honourable Artillery Company

note - despite being called Honourable Artillery Company, they were in fact Infantry.

9th Brigade -

1st Northumberland Fusiliers.     4th Royal Fusiliers.     1st Lincolns.     1st Royal Scots Fusiliers.

Mounted Troops -

C. Squadron. 15th Hussars.     3rd Cyclist Company.

Artillery - Royal Field Artillery.

XXIII Brigade.     XL Brigade.     XLII Brigade.     XXX (Howitzer) Brigade.

48th Heavy Battery.

Royal Engineers -

56th & 57th Field Companies.

5th Division - Maj.Gen Sir C, Fergusson

13th Brigade -

2nd King's Own Scottish Borderers.   2nd Duke of Wellington Regiment.   1st Royal West Kent.    2nd King's Own Yorkshire LI.

14th Brigade -

2nd Suffolk Regiment.     1st East Surrey Regiment.     1st Duke of Cornwall's LI.     2nd Manchester Regiment

15th Brigade -

1st Norfolk Regiment.     1st Bedfordshire Regiment.     1st Cheshire Regiment.     1st Dorset Regiment.

Mounted Troops -

A. Squadron, 19th Hussars.     5th Cyclist Company.

Artillery - Royal Field Artillery -

XV Brigade.     XXVII Brigade.     XXVIII Brigade.     VIII (Howitzer) Brigade.

108th Heavy Battery.

Royal Engineers -

17th & 59th Field Companies.


III Corps - Maj. Gen W. Pulteney.

4th Division - Maj. Gen. H. Wilson.

10th Brigade -

1st Royal Warwicks.     2nd Seaforth Highlanders.     1st Royal Irish Fusiliers.     2nd Royal Dublin Fusiliers.

11th Brigade -

1st Somerset LI.     1st East Lancs Regiment.     1st Hampshire Regiment.     1st Rifle Brigade.

12th Brigade -

1st King's Own (Lancaster).     2nd Lancashire Fusiliers.     2nd Inniskilling Fusiliers.     2nd Essex Regiment.

Mounted Troops -

B. Squadron, 19th Hussars.     4th Cyclist Company.

Artillery - Royal Field Artillery.

XIV Brigade.     XXIX Brigade.     XXXII Brigade.     XXXVII (Howitzer) Brigade.

31 Heavy Battery.

Royal Engineers -

7th & 9th Field Companies.

6th Division - Maj. Gen. J.L. Keir.

16th Brigade -

1st The Buffs.     1st Leicestershire Regiment.     1st King's Shropshire LI.     2nd Yorks & Lancs.

17th Brigade -

1st Royal Fusiliers.     1st North Stafford.     2nd Leinster.     3rd Rifle Brigade.

18th Brigade -

1st West Yorkshire.     1st East Yorkshire.     2nd Sherwood Foresters.     2nd Durham LI.

19th Brigade -

2nd Royal Welch Fusiliers.     2nd Cameronians.     1st Middlesex.     2nd Argyll & Sutherland Highlanders.

Mounted Troops -

C. Squadron. 19th Hussars.     6th Cyclist Company.

Artillery - Royal Field Artillery.

II Brigade.     XXIV Brigade.     XXXVIII Brigade.     XII (Howitzer) Brigade.

24th Heavy Battery - Royal Garrison Artillery.

Royal Engineers -

12th & 38th Field Companies.


Royal Flying Corps -

Brig. Gen. Sir D. Henderson.

HQ Wireless Unit.  2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th & 6th Aeroplane Squadrons (63 Aeroplanes)


Cavalry Corps - Lt.Gen. E.H.H. Allenby

1st Cavalry Division - Maj. Gen. H. de Lisle.

1st Cavalry Brigade -

2nd Dragoon Guards.     5th Dragoon Guards.     11th Hussars.     1st Signal Troop.

2nd Cavalry Brigade -

4th Dragoon Guards.     9th Lancers.    18th Hussars.     2nd Signal Troop

Cavalry Divisional troops -

Artillery - VII Brigade Royal Horse Artillery.

Royal Engineers - 1st Field Squadron Royal Engineers.

Signal Services - 1st Signal Squadron.

ASC - 1st Cavalry Division, Supply Column.     

Medical Units - 1st & 3rd Cavalry Field Ambulances.


2nd Cavalry Division - Maj. Gen. H. Gough.

3rd Cavalry Brigade -

4th Hussars.     5th Lancers.     16th Lancers.     3rd Signal troop.

4th Cavalry Brigade -

Composite Regiment of Household Cavalry.     6th Dragoon Guards.     3rd Hussars.     4th Signal Troop.

5th Cavalry Brigade -

2nd Dragoons.     12th Lancers.     20th Hussars.    5th Signal Troops.

Cavalry Divisional Troops -

Artillery - II Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery.

Royal Engineers - 2nd Field Squadron, RE.

Signal Services - 2nd Signal Squadron.

ASC - 2nd Cavalry Division, Supply Column.

Medical Units - 2nd, 4th & 5th Cavalry Field Ambulances.


IV Corps - Lt. Gen Sir H. Rawlinson.

7th Division - Maj. Gen T. Capper.

20th Brigade -

1st Grenadier Guards.     2nd Scots Guards.     2nd Border Regiment.     2nd Gordon Highlanders.

21st Brigade -

2nd Bedfordshire Regiment.     2nd Green Howards.     2nd Royal Scots Fusiliers.     2nd Wiltshire.

22nd Brigade -

2nd Queen's.     2nd Royal Warwickshire.     1st Royal Welch Fusiliers.     1st South Staffordshire.

Divisional troops -

Mounted Troops -

Northumberland Hussars.     7th Cyclist Company.

Artillery - XIV Brigade Royal Horse Artillery.

XXII Brigade Royal Field Artillery.     XXXV Brigade Royal Field Artillery.

III (Heavy) Brigade Royal Garrison Artillery.

7th Division Ammunition Column.

Royal Engineers -54th and 55th Field Companies RE.

Signals - 7th Signal Company.

ASC - 7th Division Train.

Medical Units - 21st, 22nd and 23rd Field Ambulances.


3rd Cavalry Division - Maj. Gen J. Byng

6th Cavalry Brigade -

3rd Dragoon Guards.     1st Royal Dragoons.     10th Hussars.

7th Cavalry Brigade -

1st and 2nd Life Guards.     Royal Horse Guards.

Cavalry Divisional troops -

Artillery - Xv Brigade, Royal Horse Artillery.

Royal Engineers - 3rd Field Squadron, RE.

Signals - 3rd Signal Squadron.

ASC - 33rd Cavalry Division Supply Column.

Medical Units - 6th and 7th Cavalry Field Ambulances.


Indian Corps - Lt. Gen Sir. J Willcocks.

The Lahore Division. Lt. Gen H Watkis.

Ferozepore Brigade -

1st Connaught Rangers.     9th Bhopal Infantry.     57th Wilde's Rifles.     129th Duke of Connaught's Own Baluchis.

Jullunder Brigade -

1st Manchester Regiment.     15th Ludhiana Sikhs.     47th Sikhs.    59th Scinde Rifles.